Business CONCIERGE has since evolved into a modern collection of the growing trends around the world and it serves as a brand builder, business manager, venture capitalist and most importantly, talent recruiter.

What are the benefits of
having a global concierge

Your exclusive international partner gives you preferential treatment and maximum convenience wherever you be with us.

The Skyhigh concierge service, offers you access to a range of tailored luxury experiences and lifestyle benefits. From direct booking for flights, hotels and travel experiences to invitations to private events and much more, our concierge service is designed to support and enrich your passions and interests.

BUSINESS Concierge

We are the brand behind the concierge services and have been serving the travel industry for 10 years.

We have seen a great shift in what the clients are looking for, from simple directional assistance to complex matters relating to travel insurance, itinerary planning, and emergency, short notice requests.

Sky Concierge provides you with a range of carefully crafted investment solutions and exclusive products to help guide your wealth management strategy. You will be supported by a dedicated Director, alongside a team of multi-disciplinary experts. 

Access from anywhere

At the same time, you will enjoy seamless and prioritised service to support you and your family, wherever in the world you may be.